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Students Spread Good Cheer

Children from Montessori Peace School perform Christmas carols at Herndon Senior Center.

By Alex McVeigh Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some of the youngest members of the Herndon community took some time to spread holiday cheer to some of the oldest Monday morning. Students from the Montessori Peace School made the three-block trek to the Herndon Senior Center to sing Christmas Carols and visit with residents.

The students, who ranged from age three to six, performed various Christmas and other songs, complete with dancing and props. They used handheld bells for “Jingle Bells” and “Jingle Bell Rock,” and handed out bells for the audience to shake as well.

“‘Jingle Bells’ is my favorite song to sing, especially the line ‘bells on bobtails ring,'” said Leila Zavala, 5. “We wanted to come and bring our smiles, our hearts, our love and our joy to the people here.”

Nuri Songer-Johnson, 5, said his favorite song was “Jingle Bell Rock,” because of the dances they got to do with the song.

“I like when we get to jump up when we sing ‘riding on a one-horse open sleigh,'” he said.

Logan Francis Lee, 5, also said he liked that song, “especially when we can gallop.”

Only a few seniors were present when the students arrived in the ballroom, but many more came once the singing began. The sound of singing and bells proved to be an irresistible lure.

Kids from Reston and Herndon's Montessori preschool sing for seniors.“It’s fun just being with the kids, I always enjoy being around young children,” said Marilyn McAll, one of the audience members. “They were right in there rocking out, and it was really cool to see. ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ is one of my favorite songs, and they did a great job with it.”

The Montessori Peace School is a relatively new addition to the Herndon community. Founded by teachers with years of experience in Montessori teaching, they opened in September in Herndon’s historic Harding Hall.

In addition to regular subjects, students can also take classes in yoga, peace education, organic gardening and weekly music classes.

Sunder Cheng, one of the founders of the school, said she wanted to get the students involved in their community for the holiday season and beyond.

“We want to make connections in the neighborhood, and hopefully we’ll be able to come here a few times a year,” Cheng said. “We really want to make connections with this community, especially the senior community.”

More information on the Montessori Peace School can be found at www.montessoripeaceschool.com.