The most important thing at Montessori Peace School is our Children and their parents are our greatest spokespeople. We have included some of our reviews for you to take a look at.

Our Testimonials
Zsuzsi Toros
MPS is a unique pearl and treasure in the DC area. We only moved to Reston a year ago and I feel very lucky to have found this Montessori preschool with yoga, music and amazing teachers. It is like the extension of our family, where the children learn the most important human values. Our children love to go there every day. Thank you so much Montessori Peace School for this wonderful experience.
Erica O' Brien
My three year old daughter had been at another Montessori school . Recently we transitioned her to Montessori Peace School and she LOVES it. I had checked out so many schools in the area when I was thinking of moving her … and when I found MPS – I just knew it was perfect. Immediately – my ‘hard to warm up’ child was comfortable there…and she has been happy as a clam ever since.The school family is so wonderful. From the first day – parents of the other children made an effort to make us (my husband, my daughter and me) feel welcome – by going out of their way to stop and talk – email, etc. It is such a fabulous community.And the empowerment they give the children is so wonderful. In just 2 months, I have noticed so much development in my daughter. Miss Sangeet and Mrs. Cheng are the most wonderful educators — I just can’t say enough good things.
Adrienne Crieghton
We love this school - my daughter has attended from age 3 - 5, and my son from 18 months to 3. The teachers are amazing and they foster a great community feeling at the school. Parents are very engaged and the children focus on kindness and empathy. We are so thankful to have such a nurturing place for our children!Adrienne Creighton
Laura K
MPS has given my daughter a home away from home since she was 2 years old. The skills taught for everyday practical life along with the emphasis Montessori puts on self sufficiency as definitely provided my daughter a leg up as she enters grade school. She will be graduating this year and has blossomed into an incredible little girl already reading and enjoying math. We thank an angel named Miss Jennifer from Music Together to have referred us to MPS. We will miss this very special place.
Lauren Edmondson
I thank our lucky stars for this school! Yoga, music, good work, and play… a tremendously nurturing place for our children. Can't recommend highly enough!
Julie and David Sande
Our daughter is a student at the Montessori Peace School and we can’t begin to express how pleased we are with MPS. So many schools claim excellence. The Montessori Peace School IS excellent. Every aspect of its program is designed to promote the intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth of the children in a loving, fun- filled and beautiful environment. Miss Sangeet and Mrs. Cheng are outstanding teachers. Each child in their classroom receives the individual attention they require to reach their full academic potential. The school’s rich Montessori curriculum incorporates art, music, nature and cultural studies as well as language arts, mathematics, science and practical life.As important as academics for us, however, is MPS’s attention to the development of the whole child. Respect, courtesy, tolerance and peacefulness are taught in the classroom and demonstrated daily by the teachers. The constant exposure to these values has had a profound and positive impact on our daughter’s character. She has learned self –awareness and self-control through Yoga instruction. She has also learned the value of nurturing her body and health through healthy eating – at MPS the foods provided for children’s snacks are organic, and chosen for nutritional benefit as well as ...
Leonardo and Lucy Lee
Ms. Sangeet has taught our oldest son for all three years of his Primary Montessori program, and we could not be more pleased with the education he has received. He has thrived in the small, orderly classes and has benefited from so much individual attention. Our second son has been with Ms. Sangeet for the past two years and will be continuing his third year in her class. Our third son will now be joining the class as a first year and we look forward to seeing him flourish in her classroom environment. Ms. Sangeet is true to the spirit and letter of Maria Montessori’s approach. We are confident that you will be as impressed with Montessori Peace School as we have been.
Prakruti Anand
My son has been attending Montessori peace school for the past 3 years. He started in the preprimary class. He loves the school and adores his teachers and fellow classmates. The teachers encourages and amp and emphasize kindness self confidence, independence, yoga and promotes environmental awareness in the kids in addition to the excellent Montessori curriculum. My son will start the kindergarten program this fall which will complete the 3 year primary program and is looking forward to the leadership skills that is encouraged in addition to general curriculum. I highly recommend this school.
J Cho
My children have been at MPS since 2016 and it has been an amazing environment where their interests have flourished. My oldest is graduating and his reading skills and interests in geography and other cultures have led us to have many in depth conversations. My younger son is an art lover and frequently makes paintings for me. It is a very nurturing school with teachers that treat us and the kids like family.J Cho
Paul Essen
Really great school that my kids love to go to and where they also are learning so much and thriving as individuals.Paul Essen
Fatima Akhtar
Montessori Peace School has been a great find for us. Two out of three have gone here and I wish my oldest had been able to go as well. It's a true montessori, providing a peaceful and calm environment. The kids do yoga, celebrate holidays from around the world, learn about virtues and empathy. My kids have thrived here. I highly recommend.
Olya Dadressan
All of our 3 children attended Montessori Peace School and it was an experience to be treasured. This is the school where you as a parent feel a part of the greater MPS family, you know your children are surrounded with love and are taught not only the academic curriculum but also much about emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, cross - cultural awareness, unity, diversity and inclusion. We moved from the area four years ago, my oldest is starting middle school now and the youngest is a first grader but all 3 of them often say they want to go back to Virginia and visit their school and how much they miss it. Montessori Peace School is a very nurturing, yet orderly and well structured way to ease the children into the world of learning. The owners, who also teach, our most gracious, wise, loving and greatly experience educators who put their hearts and lives into MPS.
Gurumeet and Sat Nam
This school is wonderful! The two lead teachers Ms. Sangeet and Mrs. Cheng are the perfect combination and are dedicated with all of their hearts to the children. The classroom is a nurturing environment and with the addition of yoga, music, gardening and peace education the learning space is truly unique. Montessori Peace School has nurtured our children’s growth with consciousness and compassion and since our girls have attended this school they have grown more expressive and seem completely happy and comfortable in their environment.
Viki and John Mutarelli
Our children have blossomed in Miss Sangeet ‘s and Mrs. Cheng’s classroom. Whether it is a new book to read to us, news of their class’s garden or recent experiment, a story to tell about one of the many historical figures they studied, or new song or yoga pose they learned during circle time, they are always eager to share what they are learning each day! Miss Sangeet and Mrs. Cheng are seasoned Montessorians who integrate a unique peace curriculum that teaches compassion, community, peace making and peace keeping life skills.In addition to the close adherence to the Montessori method, there are several reasons we are so fond the Montessori Peace School: good parent-teacher communication, a community feel amongst the families and staff, a professional yet loving approach that addresses the needs of the whole child-cognitive, social, emotional and physical. We have known Miss Sangeet for over 4 years and were thrilled when she announced the opening or her own school with Mrs Cheng. We would highly recommend, without reservation, the Montessori Peace School.
Sarah Beebe
Three of our children have had the opportunity to attend this little gem of a school. It is a true Montessori school, staffed by loving and talented teachers. When you walk in the door, you can feel the peaceful learning environment and watch as the children go about their work with such a sense of purpose and happiness. We feel so fortunate to have such a wonderful school in our little town, and are grateful for the friendships and sense of community that it has helped us to build.